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Post-Pesach Shopping Info

The following is a list of stores that it is permissible to purchase chometz from, as the owners are not Jewish:

  1. 7-11
  2. A & P
  3. BJ’s Wholesale Club
  4. Costco
  5. CVS
  6. D'Agistino
  7. Duane Reade
  8. Gristedes
  9. K-Mart
  10. Key Food - Main Street & Union Turnpike
  11. Key Food - 69th Avenue & 164 Street
  12. King Kullen
  13. Pathmark
  14. Rite Aid
  15. Sam’s Club
  16. Stop & Shop
  17. Target
  18. Trader Joes
  19. Walmart
  20. Waldbaum’s
  21. Walgreens


*Note: Because one of the main distributors to supermarkets is Jewish-owned, it may be best to "stock up" on Chometz immediately after Pesach (from the above-approved stores) before the stores re-stock from Chometz which was owned or processed by the Jewish distributors during Pesach.

NOTE: Please be advised that this list is a list of stores we have confirmed through the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. Also, all VHQ supervised stores are permissible as well.


WARNING: We have been advised that the Key Food Supermarkets on or off of Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills and Met Food Supermarket on Queens Blvd. & 68th Avenue may be problematic and one is to avoid them for the near future.  We have not been able to confirm any other non VHQ supermarkets in our area so it would be advisable to not purchase chometz products from these stores for the near future.

Limitations after Pesach apply only to the purchase of chometz. You can purchase Non-chometz items, including kitniyot, in any Jewish Owned Establishment, immediately after Pesach.

ShulCloud launch

We are proud to announce the launch of Queens Jewish Center's new website. Some of the new and exciting features are:

* View and modify your account information online (bill payment integrated into site)
* iCal integration - see the shul schedule in your online calendar

There are additional features that will be released over the coming months.

Member signup instructions are as follows:

1) Send your name and email address to webmaster@MyQJC.org

2) You will receive an email with a link. Open that link and set your password, and other demographic data.

We ask that members update their family membership information (names, birthdays, yartzeits ) as soon as possible.

Please direct all questions to

Check out of the QJC Info and Our Community tabs at the top of this webpage for details.

Fri, 25 April 2014 25 Nisan 5774