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Young Adult Department

Welcome to the QJC-YAD (Young Adults Department) page of  This group has been formed to meet the needs of the young adults of the Queens Jewish Center.  We are a group of individuals who want to make the QJC and the Forest Hills community welcoming to those from all backgrounds and age groups.

Newcomers to a community may find it hard to “break in”. At the QJC, there is a Kiddush every week to facilitate mingling and conversation to allow members to get to know each other. There are speciallunches and events to build friendships and maintain ties within the QJC Family and the Jewish community in general.  Hopefully the friendships built in the shul will last many years, and keep the QJC a strong community for many many years to come.

The QJC offers various minyanim & shiurim and a Shabbos morning “Shul School” for kids. The davening is not too long, but not rushed. Everyone is welcome, so come and give us a try!

Please take the time to send your name & email address to, so we can keep you in the loop. See our Facebook page, with YAD events and join us! We welcome everyone to come and join us at our events and we look forward to meeting you at the QJC.

Upcoming Events:

(YAD programs are indicated by the blue bar)

All Events

There other events that are in the works, but have not found a spot on the calendar yet. Stay tuned...

Past Events:
Shabbps Luncheons
Casino Night
Purim Seudah
Purim Carnival
Food Drive & Chametz Party
Shavuos Ice Cream Party
Summer BBQ Bash


If you have decided that the QJC and the YAD are right for you, please take the time to volunteer to help with something, This group and shul don't run by themselves, please do as much as you can.

If you are interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring a kiddush, please e-mail us.

If you want to daven, read the laining, or the haftorah any specific week, please e-mail us.

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