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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism is at the heart of synagogue life, and here at the Queens Jewish Center, we could not fully function without a strong cadre of volunteers. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities. Please consider helping us out with one or more of these activities by getting in touch with the contact person listed:


Minyan Attendees


Our tradition requires 10 men over the age of 13 to be present to say certain prayers, including Kaddish for a deceased relative.  Please consider making the commitment to come to our minyanim to help reach that magical number 10.  If you live close by and are willing to come to shul on notice when we are in need, please contact the shul office, who will put you on our minyan call list. 

Shabbos Greeters:

Shabbat Greeter

We are looking for people willing to welcome members and guests to our shul on Saturday mornings as they arrive to Shabbos Services.   You will need to be in the front lobby of the synagogue by 9:00am where you will hand out our QJC WEEKLY handout to each worshipper as he/she arrives.  If needed, you can also direct people to siddurim, chumashim and talleisim.   You should be able to join services between 10:15am and 10:30am for the Torah Service.  If you are interested in being a greeter, please contact the shul office.

Office Helpers:

Office Help

We periodically need assistance in preparing large mailings or answering phones. If you would like to be on a call list to assist us when these special tasks arise, please contact Miriam at the shul office.



We are currently looking for volunteers to help organize our archives and sort through our older files.   If you are interested in assisting with this project on weekdays, please contact the shul office.

Programming Committee Member:

Programming Committee

We are always looking for creative people who are willing to work on the Queens Jewish Center Programming committee.  This committee plans and executes all of the major programming that goes on in the shul.

QJC Shopper:


Occasionally we need people to make local shopping runs for supplies for programs and Kiddush. If you would like to assist on an as need basis, please contact the shul office.  

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