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IMPORTANT INFO - COVID19 IMPACT: We are open on a modified minyan schedule. Shiurim will be available online and by call in. The office is open on a limited basis and by appointment only. Please check the QJC COVID19 page on our website and the QJC Facebook page for important QJC information and to see what the shul is offering. It will be updated regularly so please check back for updates. Also, please check Rabbi Kerbel's blog for more information.


07/02/2019 01:16:01 AM


Check back to this page for future postings from Rabbi Judah Kerbel.


Support for Queens Hatzolah

12/22/2019 11:32:06 PM


Rabbi Judah Kerbel

Dear QJC Family, Below is my drasha from today, in which I made the appeal to support Queens Hatzolah...Read more...

Rosh Hoshana Message

10/29/2019 02:02:08 AM


Rabbi Judah Kerbel

Dear QJC Family, As we enter Rosh Hashana in just a number of hours, I would like to share a thought and a brach for us all...Read more...

Yamim Nora'im Season recap

10/23/2019 01:01:07 AM


Rabbi Judah Kerbel

Dear QJC Family, Eliana and I would like to thank everyone for an amazing Yamim Nora’im season...Read more...

OU's Torah New York

10/08/2019 04:27:37 AM


Rabbi Judah Kerbel

Dear QJC Family, Please join Eliana and I at Citi Field on September 22nd and spend a few hours or the whole day studying Torah...Read more...

The 3 Weeks

07/18/2019 01:01:01 AM


Rabbi Judah Kerbel

Dear QJC Family, This weekend, we begin to mark the period known as “The Three Weeks” during which we mourn the destruction of the Beit Ha-Mikdash and our ongoing state of exile...Read more...

Welcome Message

07/01/2019 01:01:01 AM


Rabbi Judah Kerbel

Dear QJC Family, It is a great bracha for me to begin as the rabbi of Queens Jewish Center today. I am really excited to work together to bring this magnificent community to new heights...Read more...
Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781